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Sep. 23rd, 2007 06:24 pm
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Love you all as always
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Just to let you know... that if have noticed a lot of posts in my journal recently that you cannot see is because i am using this for a little bit of an experiment and I don't want to bother anybody with the undiluted content of my brain.
You may start to see the results in a while...

For the rest I am ok.  Handling two jobs at the moment. The fact that I love at least one my jobs and that I work the one I like from home probably helps. 

The undiluted aww factor of the Petrelli Family Mafia style holiday (see my icon) helps too, as does my mate. Do I tell people enough how lucky my Ody is to have his Hector ?
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Mine was good. I went to a street festival on Saturday, had Italian spicy sausage, German beer and Austrian Strudel and and enjoyed music and dance from all over the world.

Then came home to enjoy as usual Doctor Who commentary by the lovely    [profile] joereaves    (hey hon, it's not my fault your mate got bunnied. Not at all.) Her comments make the episodes even better. On Sunday I went to Parma to be with my dad and did come back with a bagful of books. I re-read The Waste Land on the train... it's still a great poem, walking the fine balance between the intimate and the patronising with the arrogance that all poets must have.

Today it's back to work, and the day with my father gave me new strenght to follow my dreams.

*waves to the CPWA members* hey should we have sekrit handshakes?
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I do have a cold. I cannot breathe or sleep. 
My brain is so wrapped up in mucus that I am worried it will leak out of my ears. The musus i mean not my brain.
My voice is rough and I can feel that lovely cough coming up to keep me company this week-end.

But... I had a good talk with my father this morning. I am working. I am saving. I am plotting my way into teaching and I am holding on to my healtier habits. I had a couple of whiny days earlier in the week but I did not do anything idiotic.

To those of you who had the misfortune to talk to me during my last bout of pneumonia. I am not allucinating or delirious. Yet. 
Persuade me to call my father if I do start to sound more delirious than usual?

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Ok. First my dad messed up with my brain, then PMS messed with my hormones, now I am just confused... so much stuff to write about so little clarity in me...

I have not disappeared, just biting my tongue not to submerge you in rants.
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Right. Everybody is making their New Year resolution posts and I am still doing my "How was my Christmas" post. The truth is I have actually been busy. Christmas went better than I thought. No major blood spillage took place, nobody got drunk/ suffered indigestion/suffered any major disaster. In one word it was...boring.

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Right. It's Christmas eve. And I started having homicidal feelings towards my family yesterday morning.

The same family who has already claimed my services for the next two days... so my internet time is going to be seriously courtailed. 
I already set up the e-cards to be sent and my Secret Santa fic is saved as a draft so everything should be ok...but I am going to miss you guys unless you are up and around at very weird times..if you are and I see you I'll pounce you and hug you and love you...otherwise...

*drunkenly hugs flist* I love you all, hope that your Christmas does not suck, that you don't kill any family members, and you don't receive any novelty socks in your stockings. Drink, eat and be Merry.

I will be back. *dons helmet and heads for family gathering*

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I am ready for Christmas. Just some e-cards to send but I am ready.

House cleaned, decorations in place, with all the lovely cards taking place of pride (Thanks to everybody for the creativity and love you put in them. Love ya all).

Secret Santa done.

Christmas shopping done. We may do a quick alcohol run tomorrow if any member of the family has strenght. Oh and we need to find a littler box large enough for our male cat backside, but that's more of an ongoing quest...

What now? Let the celebration begin...

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On Thursday, T - Rex was ran over by a bicycle and got her foot broken in two points.

Been T-Rex sitting since. Not been around much for this reason.

I am slighty exhausted.

Hope to be around more and to get some rest. Maybe. Hopefully.
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I spent 3 days this week getting my Garden reading for Winter... Most of the work (repotting, fertilising, cutting dead bits, collecting dead leaves and setting up the Greenhouses) has now been done, but I still got to at least another half day of work, not mentioning cleaning up the house, that at the moment looks like a greenhouse. I really enjoy the work, but I am totally tired.

On other news: 

I am helping T-Rex taking pictures for her catalogue and I have to say that Photoshop is a great invention and great fun.
I have discovered a brand of gluten free, sugar free chocolate croissants that actually tastes good.
I have finally learnt how to use Nero to burn DVDs, so I can empty my hard disk, install my new wireless 22mbps Modem and enjoy the new TV season.
I am becoming once again addicted to the Italian version of Celebrity Survivor. Watching idiocy in action is addictive.

[profile] ebi_chan and [profile] cleo1969 I haven't forgotten your stuff. I am working on it.
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I just spent the afternoon stuck on the sofa watching daytime television and cuddling a post op cat to avoid her climbing up the curtains.

After telling me that no the cats weren't sexually ready and would not be for at least another month, faced with Willow's teenager rebellion behavious the vet has admitted that maybe, maybe she was starting to be an hormonal teenager and that it was time for her to be "fixed".

After the surgery yesterday he told us that she was actually starting to be in heath already. He told us also that the cat was going to be very sleepy for at least 24 hours and to be careful that her brother would not be to violent with her.

Guess what happened?
1) Her brother has been the most considerate, affectionate and delicate brother.
2) after an hour home the cat started to try to wake up and T-Rex has spent the night trying to keep her still.
3) a way to hold her still was finally found: holdig the cat in your lap and constantly cuddling her. T-Rex had to go out so I spent the afternoon doing it.

My dad is home tonight, let's him deal with her tonight... I am going to have a lovely shower and an early night.
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Ok folks... you know I am not one to ask for good vibes and such, but I can do with some.

I just sent my CV to a translation agency looking for translators and interpreters. I'd really like the job because I could work from home, do something that I like and enjoy, make some money and still carry on with my other studies and interests.

So if you do have a good vibe to spare, send it my way... please?
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Right so what I have been up to other than starting meta discussions and generally being a drama queen about my writing? (BTW, you'll be pleased to know that as part of the "Ody Protocol" I have been expressly forbidden by my big sis [profile] cleo1969 to start anymore Meta discussions until she's back from the Clan gathering, where she's going to represent the council)

That's more or less everything from me at the moment. To those of you already on holiday: have fun. To those of you back: hope you had fun. To those going, especially to the Clan Gathering: have fun.

See you when you come back.
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because we all know by now that probably the only place in the world not struck by an heatwave is Australia. And maybe New Zealand too.

We know everybody is sweaty and cranky and with completely screwed up sleep patterns.

My garden is holding up. I'll have some casualties, but that's part and parcel of being a gardener. Learning and experimenting, sometimes getting it wrong and sometimes...Nature knows best.

Went to Bologna to the street market yesterday got myself a new bag and a slip on dress, perfect for hot weather. Now a new bag is usually somekind of an event for me. I am my bags. Now I am moving from a book bag to a desgner Borbonese bag. Much more feminine and grown up. Not that I have any plan to grow up...but even if I am kicking and screaming and pouting against it I am. Luckily this doesn't make me saner, but make me willing to go and have a kebab and laugh with strangers, then spend the night at Council meeting and have fun, but stopping just when I know I need to sleep. 22 hours after I got up. and you wanna know something?

Me think I am going back to bed now...
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First of all big congratulations to [profile] cleo1969 and [profile] hawkeye_katy for reaching 1 and 2 place in Sylum's Ryan challenge. Congratulations to all the winners but I am a proud beta for both these talented writers and to see the talent that my Nazi Beta style tries to bring out recognised makes me happy.

Now I am off... Italy is playing the World Cup football final in an hour ( I refuse to call it soccer. If you Americans want to claim the name coma and claim it from the billions of football fans worldwide...) and I do have to do my patriotic duty, even if I have to repeat myself that it is not to trow water balloons on the drunken noisy louts that are already honking their horns...

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