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 How Ironic of Disney to produce a tale of struggle for freedom from big corporations...
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 Let's celebrate the bravery of living.

Tell me how you became a slasher.

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Right. We are in the middle of an heatwave and this makes me cranky and sleepy. Hot weather always make me sleepy.
Most of my childhood summers where spent sleeping and reading away most of the day and being perky and annoying in the coolest hours in the middle of the night.
Nowadays I simply sleep, get restless once I reach the maximum humanly allowed Sleep quota before coma and allows my mind to pursue new obsessions. 

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now that I have started to pretty up my journal ( thank [profile] japeweird for the tips on more boxes, I'll work on that once I am fully awake) I am going to try and be better at keeping it updated. And not only with my usual been there, done that here are the pics or my emotional outbursts.

But my first task is to have a serious chat with my Muse that goes beyond the usual:

Alex: approaching muse carefully Ahem, excuse me, sorry, I sort of kind like thought maybe if you fancy we could, i dunno maybe...obviously only if you want...perhaps... mumbles writeabit?

Muse: Filing her fingernails No. I got am headache tonight.

Alex: Ok goes away to another day without writing.
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Been rather PMSed most of last week, feeling also the first real tastes of hot summer. Did I already mention I hate hot weather? It makes me sluggish.

Saturday's Council meeting was fun *waves and hugs to all the council members, especially to Sparty*

My muse still sluggish, but I am nursing a couple of multidisciplinary projects. Darn you Larabee...

Today I seriously need to do my legs if I do want to start swimming tomorrow. 
I need to clean my house too and give some love to my garden too. And attempt to catch up with my Sylum inbox too, but that's for tomorrow, I think. 

Domestic Matilda today it will need to be.
Domestic but not domesticated...yesterday I was at a medieval reenactment and I was looking at the stalls. and two things got my attention: a buddist monk statue and a beautiful replica sword.

Confused? Me?
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I do have 29 minutes before collecting my depressed T-Rex and taking her out to cheer her up, and having to pick between doing my back exercises and doing my make up and updating my lj...I picked the second. Because as Ivano puts it... "It's me or it's you the woman who fought so hard so the natural spark in her eyes isn't mistaken for tears" and because I have seen quite a lot of various unhappiness in my flist this week that I wanted to let you folk know that I am around and with an ear for listening, some good questions and plenty of love, should you need it.

A special shout goes for reasons I don't need to explain to[profile] toby_white_wolf . I got your back, Timothy Speedle *huggles*

I know I haven't posted on the CPWA a lot, or given feedback on stories, but I am here and appreciate your discussion and your antics. 

Only RL is going a bit funny on me at the moment (enormour thank you to Katy for the info and the support. You rocks) and I need to digest a few things before sharing them.

But I am good. Weirdly good, but good. And ready to be there for everybody who pounces or pokes me.

And I'll get back to you with plenty of fb, I promise.
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Right, it looks as if all the members of my family have survived the trip.

For this a big thank you goes to the Chianti, that in large quantity (for me 4 glasses is a large quantity) has helped me to survive the very cheerful return journey, in which I made the mistake to ask a theoretical question to have a conversation that doesn't start with "I spot a thing starting with..."

The question was: If you were a person  having the chance to start it all over in life, being able to pick place to live, employment, relationships etc. and wanting to live this life according to a strong sense of morality ( for morality I do not mean chastity and similar bullshit, I mean ethical handling of money, environment, social interactions, relationships etc.) where would you start?

This simple question started a bit of a family war, so I thought i'll turn it over to my f-list and see how you would answer...

*evil grin*


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I spent my early afternoon getting my balcony (or my private jungle as my family calls it) ready for the plants I am sure will find their way home from the Flower Show this week-end.

I deeply enjoyed doing it. I love gardening and I am very proud of how well my small north facing corner of wilderness in pots is doing, especially now that I got some basic furniture and lamps adding to the atmosphere.  My aim is for a Zen garden, with some Dungeness driftwood/scrapyard touch and a convent garden feel due to my love of aromatic plants. (ambitious me? Nooooo)

I had just finished doing the work when a dark cloud did come in bringing storm, rain and wind to my little corner of Paradise, and all I could do was to sit here and watch the elements do their job and cheer for my babies.

Half an hour later the storm was over. An hour later, my garden was back to normal. Wet, but there had been no victims, no serious dangers either.

Nature is wonderful. It gives to our bodies, our minds and our souls resources that we don't realise we have until we have to, or we see it at work around us.
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Some update on what It has been going on in my very boring life...
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Love you.
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Yesterday we went to a family day trip to Treviso to see an exibition of Chinese design (if you are interested the English link is here: )
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Spring is here. Well. It was here a month ago, but only now I got the cold that comes from having too many clothes or too few and from keeping the windows open too late not to miss even the tinies ray of sun.
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