Jul. 23rd, 2012

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I told you recently how things were going bad at work and that there were serious rumours that the site was closing down.

Today the rumours have become truth. We had a meeting and the owner told us that we'll close down by November at the latest. He's gonna try to sell the business to save jobs and he's gonna try to move them to the remaining safe, but that only two are safe: One of my colleagues and me.

So I have to thank my disability because I still have a job. My colleagues have already joined in in hating me, but being disable is not all that fun  so I am glad when it can give me some advantages. These are the benefits of the wellfare state.

E, the other called saved, has warned me that probably the next couple of months will not be fun and that a lot of people are not gonna be happy and try to use their pettiness against me. If it gets too much I am simply going to the owner and ask him if I can move to my new site earlier. I am not gonna have my wellbeing put at risk.

Speaking of wellbeing a cute note: the site manager, knowing that I am a worrier, told E that he wasn't going to tell anybody what was going to happen, but that he was going to tell me to reassure me. Obviously I worried, but I like the gentle touch.


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