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 Bruno is my joy. People have commented on how more cheerful I am since I had him and yes, I am happier.

It's a period of happy things (and little money): I go walking every morning with a friend, I have been watching The Tudors (yeah I am always late). I have only one episode left and I am curious to see Henry, who with the years has become a parody of Marlon Brando in the Godfather, die. I just hope that in one episode he doesn't manage to kill the Duke of Suffolk, my favourite character.And hockey season is back.

After that I am going to try Outlander and Reign, but in the meantime I have a new season of X Factor (with a jury I like) and a documentary on the Roosvelt family.

Yeah I am in an historic mode. And so completely gone on my cat that I tried to make him drink from a bottle.

The living room is in chaos and the bathroom is full of the grains from the litter box (Bruno is very well educated and always uses the box), but I don't care.

Today I am off to work, but I don't care. 4 hours pass by  quickly especially if as I hope there's gonna be a lot of sport. I am even stopped worrying about parking. I am happy
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 Today I go back to work after my 10 days vacation. I am feeling refreshed and rested. 

I have taken long walks, (It's becoming a morning habit that I share with a friend, I don't think I would be able to keep up alone, too many bad thoughts), read the Mallorean (I still haven't received the Wardens of the West the first book, but I have enjoyed the others) and played with my love.

I am in love with my kitten. Today he has helped me clean the bedroom, with particular attention to the broom and the mop, then we have played, I have has set in order in my diary and he has slept against my back while I was watching The Tudors. Now is on my bed napping.

He commits the typical cats disasters: climbing the curtains, knocking over water, knocking over the rubbish bin. But he sleeps with me and he cuddles me and I wait for me when I come home. I am gonna see how he's going to react to my work absence, also because it will mean that he eats late. But he loves me and that's all I need.

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 Yay! I finally can write again on DW. Writing on lj hasn't got the same meaning for me. With DW I feel more sure, more at home.

Tonight I meet my new love. His name is Bruno,has a soft black fur and he's a kitten. After resisting that long without a cat, loneliness had the better of me and when a friend offered, I said yes.

The best thing is that finally I have cleaned all the house with a cat friendly product, included the left overs of last week gastroenteritis.

Thank goddess my auntie does all my washing.

What else! Oh I am on vacation. After the first 2 days of rushing around, today I have finally slowed down, watched the first 3 episodes of the Tudors, decided to finally go to bed to read the Mallorean (it arrived today, I still have one missing, but it's the first one so I can know how the story ends) and feel asleep.

That's more or less my plan for the next week. Walk in the morning, then cuddles and reading with the cat. I even shopped for the week.

(Good because I don't have money, the end of the month is looming)

And now I think I'll go back to bed for another nap..

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With a big thank you to all who asked sent good wishes.

Our little girl is sort of kinda like ok. Or at least she was last night. We had to put back the collar because she was trying to lick the wound, but the wound is clean and she's quite lively and healthy.

Only thing...she's really clingy. Her brother is being very nice and affectionate, but she loves most of all to be close to one of us, especially T-Rex and I, who spent most of our time since wednesday curled up with her. Only way to keep her still and happy. Not that I complain on having a nice furry presence purring over my belly. It's just daytime television that's killing me.
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I just spent the afternoon stuck on the sofa watching daytime television and cuddling a post op cat to avoid her climbing up the curtains.

After telling me that no the cats weren't sexually ready and would not be for at least another month, faced with Willow's teenager rebellion behavious the vet has admitted that maybe, maybe she was starting to be an hormonal teenager and that it was time for her to be "fixed".

After the surgery yesterday he told us that she was actually starting to be in heath already. He told us also that the cat was going to be very sleepy for at least 24 hours and to be careful that her brother would not be to violent with her.

Guess what happened?
1) Her brother has been the most considerate, affectionate and delicate brother.
2) after an hour home the cat started to try to wake up and T-Rex has spent the night trying to keep her still.
3) a way to hold her still was finally found: holdig the cat in your lap and constantly cuddling her. T-Rex had to go out so I spent the afternoon doing it.

My dad is home tonight, let's him deal with her tonight... I am going to have a lovely shower and an early night.
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Right so what I have been up to other than starting meta discussions and generally being a drama queen about my writing? (BTW, you'll be pleased to know that as part of the "Ody Protocol" I have been expressly forbidden by my big sis [profile] cleo1969 to start anymore Meta discussions until she's back from the Clan gathering, where she's going to represent the council)

That's more or less everything from me at the moment. To those of you already on holiday: have fun. To those of you back: hope you had fun. To those going, especially to the Clan Gathering: have fun.

See you when you come back.
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Right. We finally took the cats to the vet today... we showed him our beatiful female cats.
Willow (see below) was her usual charming self, even when the doc took her temperature. everything was fine, she got her shots and got back into her cage.
Tara was less charming, but everything was still ok...until the doc looked down below and comunicated that Tara maybe wasn't the most appropriate name for a robust boy cat.
willow conquers the kitchen table willow conquers the kitchen table

and T- Rex ponders if it's better cat stew or cat roast
More pics here:

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Here are our family new addictions. Willow is the Black one and Tara is the White one. More pics here: Apologies for the bad formatting, but I am just getting to grip with scrapbook...

Dedicated to [profile] mistokath13  I know it's not Juna but...*hugs Kathie tight*


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