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 Bruno is my joy. People have commented on how more cheerful I am since I had him and yes, I am happier.

It's a period of happy things (and little money): I go walking every morning with a friend, I have been watching The Tudors (yeah I am always late). I have only one episode left and I am curious to see Henry, who with the years has become a parody of Marlon Brando in the Godfather, die. I just hope that in one episode he doesn't manage to kill the Duke of Suffolk, my favourite character.And hockey season is back.

After that I am going to try Outlander and Reign, but in the meantime I have a new season of X Factor (with a jury I like) and a documentary on the Roosvelt family.

Yeah I am in an historic mode. And so completely gone on my cat that I tried to make him drink from a bottle.

The living room is in chaos and the bathroom is full of the grains from the litter box (Bruno is very well educated and always uses the box), but I don't care.

Today I am off to work, but I don't care. 4 hours pass by  quickly especially if as I hope there's gonna be a lot of sport. I am even stopped worrying about parking. I am happy


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