Jan. 17th, 2012

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I have finally managed to overcome all the ills that have befallen me for the last 2 weeks, including a toothache that really was gengivitis. I went out with my friends on Sunday but I think it's gonna be the last time we go out in this formation for a while.

Three of my colleagues got themselves into a mess  of gossips and petty revenges that is on the verge of exploding with unforeseeable consequences.

I think they are all childish idiots  and that they need to grow up, but their lives are so small. Everything revolves around the workplace and they don't see the difference between friendships and work. It's a pretty common mistake, one that only recently I managed to avoid. I go out with my colleagues but we never talk about work. The odd gossip about customers that's normal, but that's it.

With the end of the new series of Sherlock I need new to refresh  my icons. I'll see what I can find. And Tinker Taylor, Soldier, Spy icons. I loved the film. I cannot imagine why the Golden Globes ignored it. Snobbery I think. Gary deserves a prize and Benedict too.

I had some awake mornings and I enjoyed it. Yesterday I had a sleeping morning and enjoyed it all the same. Decisions decisions. Maybe I can alternate?


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