Jul. 11th, 2012

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I have been an absent poster, I know.

I have reached an agreement with my naps. I need them, so I'll keep having them, but they'll give me the strenght to do things. We are trying.

Latest news is that my workplace will close, but that I'll be moved back to my previous site. I am ok with that.  I am starting to work some shifts at the old site and everybody has been very welcoming. I still need confirmation, but I am optimistr, especially because apparently of all the staff in my agency only I and another gilr who comes from my old site and would came back with me, will not be fired.

I am sorry about that, but they created too many headaches for our boss.

I have lost 1kg in a month. Istill have 22 to loose, but considering that I don't do any exercise it's an achievement. I have been eating better. With this eat, salads and fruits are the only things that look appetising.

I had some slight manic symptoms at the beginning of the week, it was mostly PMS, but I doped myself a bit and it went away. Last week I overworked myself and that could also be a reason. You see? I need my naps.


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