Mar. 12th, 2012

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Last week it was supposed to be my week off so after my dad got better and left (no point in getting him to rest if he doesn't want, he'll just get paranoid) I was ready to relax.
Instead I ended up having to not only go to work, but to do some overtime, because one of my colleague's mother was in the hospital.

Most of my acquired shifts were morning shifts and that was the worst thing. I need my naps or at least I need to be able to wake up slowly in the morning, otherwise I get grumpy.

Yesterday and today I had long naps and now I am feeling much better. Saturday was payday and I managed to get all my bills paid and my house a bit less chaotic. This cheered me up a lot.

Tomorrow morning I have a quite packed schedule: taking my dad to his blood tests and to get his documents sorted and then I am giving a gift to one of my colleagues that needs it. Oh and work in the afternoon.

But it's gonne be good, because on wednesday I can nap all day if I want. Delightful.And deeply needed


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