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With this post I have only 5 days left of NaBloPoMo. This year it has been easier then the last, thanks also to the support of [ profile] chef_hector .

I have also been enjoying myself quite a bit. I know I haven't been particularly deep, with only passing glimpses of my convoluted brain, but maybe it's because my brain and my life are more simple and more satisfactory than last year. I am going back into teaching, and it's giving me true satisfaction. It's also making going to work easier.

I am tired, and I am a bit behind with my housework, but It's worth it. At least I think so on the good days and today it's a good day.

Went to work this morning. It was a busy day (and those are always good), and I wasn't irritated by my colleagues much (downsides of tiredness). I even had fun because we got one of our managers, who hates till work and tends to hide in the backoffice, to spend quite a lot of time at her till.

Got home, ate something, did some laundry and watched Conan. Anderson Cooper was on. Apparently he had swine flu. Poor babe. He looked dashing and classy as usual in his brown suit (How many men can pull off a brown suit? Andy can ).

Now? I am looking for some good House/Wilson/Chase or Wilson/Chase porn and listening to the Dixie Chicks.
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I survived. I had a good day at school. The relationship with the students was good and they absorbed things easily. At least I hope.

At work things went better than I thought. We worked nicely for a Monday,( notoriously a slow day ), I argued with only two people and neither argument was serious. I even got some change when I checked the till.

Now I am home, planning on relaxing. Tomorrow I am off and the plan is to clean and relax.
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... today without lasting injuries. Teaching was ok it really helps that my students want to learn. they are like sponges, trying hard to understand and happy with everything you throw at them. It's humbling.

Work was ok. Not a lot to do, because there are very few football matches on monday, but we had a nice turnover with horses.

I didn't snap, i didn't panic, I didn't throw and hissy fit.

I will go, eat something and call it a win.
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Today it was the second day of my stage as a teacher and I found myself teaching to a group unsupervised.  Probably not the soundest teaching (and teachers'teaching) practice, but after the first minutes of panic, we got into the swing of things and things went (I think ) quite well.

One of the students, a teacher in her native Ghana, asked me when I was going to be there next time, so she could come in my group.

Most of the students are at the very basic level,  One knows only how to write in arab, so I am having to teach her the alphabet. Some are highly educated in their own countries, but in Italy  their qualifications aren't recognised (and I can so sympathise with them )so they have to start all over again, starting from learning a new and quite difficult language.

I used to see the dark side of immigration in the North Africans that plague us at work. They are mostly clandestine, but with suspicious bundles of cash and the arrogance and attitude that comes with it. They try to be intimidating and, at least in my case, they partially succeed.

At Passaparola I see people wanting to learn and to find a place in their new country, humble, hard working individuals.

It's good for the soul and inspiring for me as a teacher.

Off to work

Jun. 7th, 2009 11:40 am
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I am off to work today, after three days at home and before 5 more days at home.

Went out to dinner last night with my father. It helped. Knowing that somewhere in the future there's a place where we live together and he's allowed to gently get helped. I spent the morning speaking to Jake and Joey, my brother and my baby and they helped as well.

I also got back another assignement and it's another A. Everytime I am sure I have done a crappy job, I surprise myself. More incentives to study next week. Positive feedback produces motivation.

It's the darkness gone? No, but today it may be slightly easy to bear. I am not alone.
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Today I went and filled in my tax forms. I was a bit panicked because two of my colleagues found that their employers had messed up their payments and are now due to pay a lot of money. But things went well and I am due a tax rebate of 48€. What should I spend it on? I need sunglasses, but I still have some old car taxes to take care of.

Also I got back another assignments and it's another A. I am getting spoiled. Must not allow success to get to my head and keep focused.

Gloating aside I am really enjoying my studies.I love studying. Studying makes me feel happy and alive. I am probably a bit sad, but intellectual stimulation trumps emotions in my book anytime.
I can see a practical use for my studying. I know I am still a long way from being a good language teacher, but I can see myself as a teacher. I have taken at observing the not italian speakers at work and noticing the way they handle language. Arabs for example tend to be quite fluent and bold in speaking Italian, but they tend to hide it when they don't understand and they have big problems with reading out alphabet I have been thinking on how to use my observations to improve my interactions. Today I am going to try teacher's talk on my customers.

And last but not least, does anybody have any idea on how to make basil survive? Last year it was lavender eluding me, this year it's basil. I am going to have to get some more.
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Just handed in my second assignement.

Not feeling good about it
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Going to see my father today. We are going to discuss the Uk move masterplan and hopefully have a good time together.

Please send good vibes our way. We are fragile too.

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Can somebody points me to or even better explain to me the correct use of Do as an auxiliary verb?

I thought I knew it, but now i am a bit confused.

Thank you :)
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...a teacher?


I discovered this morning that I have time until June to apply for Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) for Secondary Schools for September entry.
The incentives are pretty good, I know I am enjoying teaching more and more and it would give me the chance to go back to a civilised country. All I need are good references.

And yet I am scared witless.

Please tell me in details why this is a bad idea?


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