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I am completely an utterly crazy. And before you lot can go duh! I'll tell you why.

I spent most of last week in a panicked frenzy of the kind I don't want to write anymore and then I go and claim Hector/Odysseus at the [profile] sylum_challenge . (prompts table next post) Why oh why? Just because I love Ody. I love my Ody and I am weirdly possessive of him. I did want him to have the chance to tell his story, with a little help from his mate (that has already committed himself to RP most of the prompts and help me to get his voice right, because my Ody will be the way he is without his Hector... ) Storytelling is after all one of Odysseus'skills, one that saved his life more than once.

My love for the character is stronger of my fear and pain? It may take a while for me and you to get the please be gentle with the poking but I want to give it a try. Because I am crazy. And because [profile] joereaves and [profile] toby_white_wolf talked me into it.

Author's note. My characters are going to be closer to Homeric canon and our RP than to Troy. The only thing we are going to have in common is Sylum canon (thanks to [personal profile] one_side2002 for giving us such good background to work with. Thank you my child) and Sean Bean and Eric Bana.


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