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When I was a child, all you had to do to make me happy was to give me a bowl of mashed potatoes, rich and creamy with butter and parmesan.

It still works
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I have now reached, at the mere age of 39, a point in my life in which I know who I am, and in which I am ready to do whatever I was send to earth to do.

I am a firm believer in destiìny and that everybody is here for a reason, and, in my madness, I think that I have lived enough to be ready.

Yeah better late than never.

No more quiet desperation for me.


Nov. 13th, 2008 12:14 pm
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Today it's a grey, rainy day outside, and I am home with all the time in the world to myself. The first since the beginning of the month.

And it's the first day this month that I have to force myself to sit down and write.

I have actually to force myself to do everything, I have for a while, the only side effect of Risperdal this time around, laziness and a bit of carelessness that makes me extracareful (meaning normal careful) in my flights by bicycle.

But today it's extra so. (not sure extra so exists as an expression, but I am feeling prissy and prickly today so I'll consider it to be),

So I am forcing myself to clean the house and to write. How do you force somebody to write? In my case by giving me a blank page. I am lucky, my hyperactive mind is rarely wordless (what is today with me and fussy words?) so you just sit me in front of a blank page and I start writing.

Even if it's only to write enough fussy words to fill my daily post requirement.

Have a nice and lazy day, folks
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Today I was tempted to go for a filler, but then I thought: the starting point of this journal was to keep track of your restless moods so I decided to ramble.

Today is the first truly cold day and Winter is creeping in everybody's bones and souls. I am lucky, I do feel winter only in the darkest days of January and February, when a candle is always lit in my window, but I still see it in the sagging of people's shoulders, in the morning fog, in the plants getting finally some rest.

Plants' attitude to winter is what reconciles me most with the season. For them it's the time to rest and to finally find some peace, before getting ready for another Spring..

The idea that there is always another Spring is what, in the end, keeps me going.

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...drinking: Chamomile and Mint Tea. Good for the stomach and for the soul.

...eating:  Pomegranates. better than Pop Corn for an evening in front of the television.

...listening: Classic FM  Yes. I am that stressed out.

...obsessing over: US Politics. Will Obama deliver?

...reading: Junjouromantica. Because it has boys in love, teddy bears and strawberries. Oh Misaki, your cuteness...

...laughing: Jon Stewart is a cutie.

...watching: Supernatural: best season yet. 
                    Life: Damien Lewis is credible, sexy and funny.
                    Sons of Anarchy: Tattoed Bikers playing Hamlet

Yes folks, this post is a filler.


Nov. 6th, 2008 07:45 am
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This morning I was watching Keith Olbermann and Richard Wolffe said about Obama:

The chance for greatness comes from the greatness of the challenge.

I found it quite inspirational. I have the tendency to make myself smaller the greater the challenge is.

I know I have the means and the strenght to deal with life, it's just... I am not sure I have the Will. The Will to greatness.

To find the Will becomes harder and harder with the years. Half my life is gone and my potential is all that's left of me.

The shell of the woman I could have been.

The interesting question is:

Who's the woman I could still be ?
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As [ profile] verito295 already said, please Go and Vote.

Your vote is important for you and for the effect that it will have on the rest of the World.

It will affect Iraquis and their hopes of rebuilding their country.

It will affect Iranians and their hopes of being groomed to democracy in a non violent way.

It will affect Russia and any hope of avoiding a second cold war.

It will affect  Italy, who's a shamble anyway, but it's even more of a shamble with credit lines being shut because our banks bought American debts.

The world needs hope and you have a good chance of giving the world that hope.

So go and vote.
Thank you.
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The most difficult words you can give or take are not "I love you" but "I have faith in you".

Love is unconditional, we love people regardless of their being trustwhorty or reliable.

But faith and trust... are gifts earned through hard work, bearing witness to our being, inherently, a good person.

Very few of us believe they are good persons, and the few who appear to believe so very often end up being untrustwhorty.

The gift of trust is heavy and difficult to believe. But precious like the first flower on a plant.

Let's spread the seed. Let's be those flowers.
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A very nice haircut. I went from long hair (middle of my back ) to short (ear short). 

I left the shop leaving behind an astonished hairdresser that could not believe that

a) I was the kind of person who goes for such a radical cut
b) My hair once the damaged parts were cut off was still as wild and healthy as it was last time I had a serious haircut.

I just realised that It's the same haircut i have on the pictures from my first communion. A part of me hopes that i still look like that little, angelic girl smiling against the comforting weight of her grandmother. You never know, she may still be around somewhere.

While I was walking home  I kept checking myself out in shop windows and at some point I went "OMG I have an Elisabeth Weir haircut"

But it was only once I got home that I finally realised the truth: I have a Vincent Chase haircut (without the Mexican beard)

Fandom owns my life.
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first of all thank you to everybody who replied to my beta discussion. Lots of interesting points were made and I will comment on them as soon as my headache disappear.

The other day I bumped my head on a corner. Stupid me did swear and did nothing. Now I do have a nice yellow/purple bruise on my temple and an headache to match. *whiny pout*

Last night I went to a free gig. It was a really cool gig, but some of the things I saw lead me to launch the following plea to all the men over 50s who watched Lost, saw their wives fawn over Locke and decided that the survivalist look for the over 50 was so cool...

Locke can do it. Terry Quinn is fit and good looking. You do have beer bellies and chicken legs, sometimes at the same time. And your wives are not going to believe you are going to rescue them from wild boars and polar bear.
They have seen you running scared from a spider...and heard you btch to no end everytime a mosquito bite you...
So please...spare the rest of us the view and your wives the humiliation...


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