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Jun. 20th, 2009 07:35 pm
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Went with my dad hiking today. It was a cold, cloudy day and the mountains were covered in a gentle mist, so all I got are a couple of landscapes and plenty of flowers (the special kind who live in National Parks)
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This is the perfect meme for a photography freak likee, take your chance on me folks...

Nicked from [personal profile] teigh_corvus

Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you are interested in/curious about - it can be anything... from the house I live in, to my favorite shoes. Leave your choice here as a comment and I will post the results later.
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Right. We finally took the cats to the vet today... we showed him our beatiful female cats.
Willow (see below) was her usual charming self, even when the doc took her temperature. everything was fine, she got her shots and got back into her cage.
Tara was less charming, but everything was still ok...until the doc looked down below and comunicated that Tara maybe wasn't the most appropriate name for a robust boy cat.
willow conquers the kitchen table willow conquers the kitchen table

and T- Rex ponders if it's better cat stew or cat roast
More pics here:

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First of all big congratulations to [profile] cleo1969 and [profile] hawkeye_katy for reaching 1 and 2 place in Sylum's Ryan challenge. Congratulations to all the winners but I am a proud beta for both these talented writers and to see the talent that my Nazi Beta style tries to bring out recognised makes me happy.

Now I am off... Italy is playing the World Cup football final in an hour ( I refuse to call it soccer. If you Americans want to claim the name coma and claim it from the billions of football fans worldwide...) and I do have to do my patriotic duty, even if I have to repeat myself that it is not to trow water balloons on the drunken noisy louts that are already honking their horns...

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It looks as if the only two of my muses working at the moment are the Muses of Gardening and Photography.

We went for our weekly immersion in the green and we ended up...guess where? To this great little Nursery, who specialises in cacti, bonsai and rare plants and I simply couldn't get out empty handed. I did fall in love with their baby Japanese Maples, but I settled instead for a blue Lobelia and an Hypericum Tricolor, that fits pretty well with the overall colour scheme of my balcony/garden.

I also did some more experimenting with my camera, playing with light and focus on...plants. I have been uploading some of my pictures (including some of my garden) , so feel free to check my scrapbook here:  Comments and suggestions welcome, but be aware that I still need to do work on them...annotating and stuff.

No news from my writing Muse. I guess it's hoping for some inspiration from [personal profile] teigh_corvus travel tapes...


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