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May. 20th, 2011 01:20 pm
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So I was worried on tuesday that I was doing too much. Wasn't sure about going to the show after I went out to dinner on Wednesday.

Worried I would be able to do anything yesterday.

And yet... I was out till 2am on Wednesday and enjoyed it. Yesterday I managed to do all my gardening (including taking out lots of rubbish) and actuallly enjoyed it.

And this morning I was quite productive too, and I am even cheerful about going to work this afternoon.

I think it has to do with having slept litterally a lot. Yesterday I got up at six as usual to chat with  [personal profile] chef_hector  , then at 10, my Internet went dead. I called support and they told me it was gonna take 48 hours to fix it. (Luckily they did it in 24)

So I went back to bed and slept till 2pm. Ate something, gardened, read Harry Potter (I have less than 200 pages left to OotP, going slowly to keep Sirius alive) and then by 8pm I was in bed and slept soundly timm 8am the morning after.

Maybe there is a reason for my cheerfulness. 16 hours of sleep.
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I had a good time out with my colleagues on wednesday, we are going out again this week.

On Friday I went to the Farmers'market. It was good and I found my beloved incense plants. I had resigned myself to  a summer without it, and yet, not only I found it, but I found a new variety that should be able to resist the cold, so I my heart doesn't break every year. The stallholder was selling the plants 4 for 10 euros, so I got four. Yeh I am greedy. Only to find once I got home that he had given me 5 plants for the price of 4 by mistake.

Now my garden looks fabolous. I just have to repot a couple of plants (hopefully tomorrow, so I can relax) and then I'll take lots of pics.

On Saturday I went to work and a number of things got me pissed off: shitty shifts this week, douche colleagues and my boss having one of his fits.

I got home, and tried to relax.

On Sunday morning I woke up and found myself crying, in a very, very bad downslide. I had one of my "I am worthless" moments. The first I have been having in ages.

It brought it home that I need to be careful and to take care of myself. So tomorrow it's gardening day, in the hope that green will be my colour. And sleep. A long, promising nap, to recover the sleep I am loosing.
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And I feel good. I went out shopping this morning and I got a new plant to celebrate. It's time for my balcony to wake up. I was lucky that quite a few of my plants survived this winter, so I just got to get some rosemary, lavander and if I can find it, some incense.

I am off for the next couple of days and if the weather holds I am finally going to tackle the pile of washing looking guiltily at me and clean the house.

And rest, because I am not out of the woods yet.

Green me

Sep. 4th, 2009 06:10 pm
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Today we went to the Passo Pradarena, in the Appennino National Park
It was a lovely, windy, cool day in the mountains. I took some pics (mostly plants) and enjoyed the peace and the amazing scenery. 

We had amazing food at a surprisingly cool little restaurant. It looked your average countryside place, but inside had gourmet twists to traditional cousine. (Yeah I am watching too much Top Chef)

Shame I got home to an hot, windy, sweaty day.


I bought a greenhouse, pots, soil and everything else I needed to get my plants settled for winter.

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Today I went and filled in my tax forms. I was a bit panicked because two of my colleagues found that their employers had messed up their payments and are now due to pay a lot of money. But things went well and I am due a tax rebate of 48€. What should I spend it on? I need sunglasses, but I still have some old car taxes to take care of.

Also I got back another assignments and it's another A. I am getting spoiled. Must not allow success to get to my head and keep focused.

Gloating aside I am really enjoying my studies.I love studying. Studying makes me feel happy and alive. I am probably a bit sad, but intellectual stimulation trumps emotions in my book anytime.
I can see a practical use for my studying. I know I am still a long way from being a good language teacher, but I can see myself as a teacher. I have taken at observing the not italian speakers at work and noticing the way they handle language. Arabs for example tend to be quite fluent and bold in speaking Italian, but they tend to hide it when they don't understand and they have big problems with reading out alphabet I have been thinking on how to use my observations to improve my interactions. Today I am going to try teacher's talk on my customers.

And last but not least, does anybody have any idea on how to make basil survive? Last year it was lavender eluding me, this year it's basil. I am going to have to get some more.

Step 6

Mar. 9th, 2009 05:31 pm
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I now have:

- a certificate stating I am crazy

- very gloomy job prospects

- new plants: sage and lavander, because a) wind swept my poor balcony today and damaged my greenhouses
                                                                             b) spring is upon us
                                                                             c) I need hope.
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Went to the Garden Show Today....

got lavander, calendula, incense, geranium and pelargionium.

Let gardening season begin.
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Right so what I have been up to other than starting meta discussions and generally being a drama queen about my writing? (BTW, you'll be pleased to know that as part of the "Ody Protocol" I have been expressly forbidden by my big sis [profile] cleo1969 to start anymore Meta discussions until she's back from the Clan gathering, where she's going to represent the council)

That's more or less everything from me at the moment. To those of you already on holiday: have fun. To those of you back: hope you had fun. To those going, especially to the Clan Gathering: have fun.

See you when you come back.
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First of all big congratulations to [profile] cleo1969 and [profile] hawkeye_katy for reaching 1 and 2 place in Sylum's Ryan challenge. Congratulations to all the winners but I am a proud beta for both these talented writers and to see the talent that my Nazi Beta style tries to bring out recognised makes me happy.

Now I am off... Italy is playing the World Cup football final in an hour ( I refuse to call it soccer. If you Americans want to claim the name coma and claim it from the billions of football fans worldwide...) and I do have to do my patriotic duty, even if I have to repeat myself that it is not to trow water balloons on the drunken noisy louts that are already honking their horns...

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It looks as if the only two of my muses working at the moment are the Muses of Gardening and Photography.

We went for our weekly immersion in the green and we ended up...guess where? To this great little Nursery, who specialises in cacti, bonsai and rare plants and I simply couldn't get out empty handed. I did fall in love with their baby Japanese Maples, but I settled instead for a blue Lobelia and an Hypericum Tricolor, that fits pretty well with the overall colour scheme of my balcony/garden.

I also did some more experimenting with my camera, playing with light and focus on...plants. I have been uploading some of my pictures (including some of my garden) , so feel free to check my scrapbook here:  Comments and suggestions welcome, but be aware that I still need to do work on them...annotating and stuff.

No news from my writing Muse. I guess it's hoping for some inspiration from [personal profile] teigh_corvus travel tapes...
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I spent my early afternoon getting my balcony (or my private jungle as my family calls it) ready for the plants I am sure will find their way home from the Flower Show this week-end.

I deeply enjoyed doing it. I love gardening and I am very proud of how well my small north facing corner of wilderness in pots is doing, especially now that I got some basic furniture and lamps adding to the atmosphere.  My aim is for a Zen garden, with some Dungeness driftwood/scrapyard touch and a convent garden feel due to my love of aromatic plants. (ambitious me? Nooooo)

I had just finished doing the work when a dark cloud did come in bringing storm, rain and wind to my little corner of Paradise, and all I could do was to sit here and watch the elements do their job and cheer for my babies.

Half an hour later the storm was over. An hour later, my garden was back to normal. Wet, but there had been no victims, no serious dangers either.

Nature is wonderful. It gives to our bodies, our minds and our souls resources that we don't realise we have until we have to, or we see it at work around us.
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Spring is here. Well. It was here a month ago, but only now I got the cold that comes from having too many clothes or too few and from keeping the windows open too late not to miss even the tinies ray of sun.
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