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Today I drove to work. I went for a driving lesson last thursday with a friend and it was scary but ok, but today was my first attempt at driving a car alone in nearly 10 years. I picked sunday morning, because I know very few people are around at that time.

How did it go? I remember more I thought. I need to remember how to use gears properly and my maximum speed is 60 km x hour (not bad considering it's all city driving )m, but I can drive to and from work when I have the evening shift, and that's all I need. For the rest, I got my bike.

I was so worried about driving that I frogot I was wearing a sheer white top. Apparently my customers think my tits make great conversation openers and want to see more of them.
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Today I just handed in the paperwork for my disability benefits. Now I just have to wait and see how crazy they think I am.

I also got myself some nice veggies and got my mobile phone fixed.
I also got my bicycle a new shiny basket. I know my dad has got me a car for the rain and the evenings, but I still see myself as a bike person. I feel safer on my wheels and I can fly  happy in the wind, instead of sitting inside a sardine can.

Anyway I cleaned my house, got some good cleaning in (except for the kitchen, but I am frying zucchini flowers tomorrow, so I'll clean up after I fry) AND I finally got my groove back about my studies.

All in all a very satisfactory day.

I am also matilda36 on dreamwidth. Feel free to friend me:

For the time being I am staying here, but I am glad to have a backup and to explore.
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So what did I do today worth talking about ?

Went out to lunch, went to work... got myself a bus pass...

I have been living in this city for 5 years (sigh), been without a car the whole time, and only now I gave in and got myself a bus pass.

I never got it before because I love to fly. I have always loved riding a bicycle: the speed, the wind in the hair, the ability to pass for a car or a pedestrian. The freedom of coming and going whenever I want without a timetable...even the rain. When I was young and living in the countryside I used to go out riding on purpose in the summer rain. It was the closest to flying I will ever be.

I got it now because Winter looks long and cold this year and when I got up and it was pouring down for the third day in a row, I realised that there are going to be days when biking to work is going to be impossible.

Old age is looming.
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I have my bicycle back !

On the Small ads in the local paper i found a nice man who comes to your home and fixes it for the same price than it costs you to bring it to the shop and have it fixed.  He's an elderly gentleman, who collects old bikes, fixes them and sells them to those who, like me, prefers their bikes sturdy and fixable.

Just got back from the test run and I missed flying so much... I always preferred my bike to every other mean of transportation. I spent most of my childhood summers riding. It was flying... and I am flying once again.

Just in time for my first evening shift tonight. I am going to be working every day from now until Sunday, because they are giving me intensive training.  Still liking the job and the environment... Told my father and he was happy for me ( you never know with him... )

Just feeling a bit weird about working, about having so much of my time away from my nest. But it's exactly what i needed.

Anyway... I will try to be around as much as i can, but probably not so much at least until next week.

Still love you all, still just an email away.


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