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I am ready for Christmas. Just some e-cards to send but I am ready.

House cleaned, decorations in place, with all the lovely cards taking place of pride (Thanks to everybody for the creativity and love you put in them. Love ya all).

Secret Santa done.

Christmas shopping done. We may do a quick alcohol run tomorrow if any member of the family has strenght. Oh and we need to find a littler box large enough for our male cat backside, but that's more of an ongoing quest...

What now? Let the celebration begin...

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I am out of the worst. I got the Xray done that confirmed I got a little bout of pneumonia and spent most of last week on an haze. Still got wobbly legs, an annoying cough and I sleep an insane amount of hours, but the antibiotic and cough syrup are doing their job. 
I do even have some hopes that tomorrow afternoon I will be left out alone the time required to buy T-Rex a Xmas present. I already got her something but she knows about that and she went and got everybody little things to open under the tree so I want to get her something too. *grins* She loves NCIS Abby look so I may get her some goth style jewelry... *evil grin* a spiked dog collar maybe?

A special shout goes out to all those who pounced me, e-mailed me and loved me while delirious. I love you all.

On other news... while delirious I discovered the joys of Supernatural RPS. 
I do still think that the show is nothing special, nothing that has not been done before. 
Except for Dean & Sam or Jared & Jensen take your pick. These two have great on screen chemistry the kind that makes fangirls hearts flutter...
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...but there is still life in the old me.

Yesterday afternoon I got started on the new antibiotic and cough syrup. 
Last night I was able to stand up long enough to wash my hair. 
Today I was actually able to actually smell things and to sleep for 3 straight hours of cough free time.
And even better temp today.

I am in no way or form out of the woods yet...I am getting my chest Xrayed tomorrow...but I may be able to substain what passes for sane conversation with you before Christmas.

With that end in mind I am off to get some more rest...

Love ya all
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I do wake up, cough a few chosen bits of my lungs, discover cheerfully that a) I have no temp b) I have no voice. 
Try to drink some orange juice and yogurt,  cough my yogurt on my keyboard,  swallow an antibiotic the size of a mothership, drink coffee (insert happy noise of your choice), chat with patient like a saint nightowl mate, catch up on the latest, tries to do anything productive and get stopped by weakness & coughing, end up spending an inordinate amount of time watching Supernatural, The Sentinel and Mag7 (I have been enjoying Mag7 slash for months and only now watching the show... I enjoy reading Chris/Buck but Chris/Vin is basically canon...)
Spend some more time eating some soup or the other. Try to nap.
Get up from attempt to napping try my temperature and find it gone up, so up that the more the evening progress the more I can feel myself slip in a delirious cranky state. T-Rex goes House on me, I try to look small and innocent. 
Take pity on those around me.Take VicksMedinait go to bed with 4 pillows holding me up and try to sleep.

This is what is becoming the pattern of my little sad days. We are calling the doctor again this morning. T-Rex has a whole list of medications that she'll tell him to try on me. For me it would be enough to spend an evening without fever.

As you can see I am not the most cheerful person in the world at the moment...also because i realised yesterday that I do still need to do my Xmas shopping. Thanks goddess I have sent out the Xmas cards...

But "any day now...any day now...I shall be released..."

ETA: Just spoke with my antibiotic, new nightmed and for an encore chest Xrays...


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