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Go and see Wanted.

Never thought I would recommend an Angelina Jolie film... but this film is brilliant: plot, actors, direction, stunts...

and James McAvoy is made of awesome.

I need new icons


Jun. 29th, 2008 07:07 pm
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Finishing my job training tomorrow... and quite enjoying it. More technology to appease the geek in me, more thinking involved, and I get not to sit in a chair for hours.

I have realised I haven't talked fandom in a while... so here's a list of what's on at the moment in my fandom Universe:

Fakenews: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Keith Ollbermann and Anderson Cooper are sex gods, Rachel Maddow is a sex goddess. A small fandom with great, smart and funny writers and my mate and I are writing Keith/Anderson porn.

Entourage: Another small fandom with great writers, The Entourage ficathon is due out next week and I can't wait for Vince/Eric goodness. Let's hug it out bitches.

Stargate, both Atlantis and SG1: the big fandoms filling the time between a small fandom entry and another.

Oh and the new Season of Burn Notice starts soon. Keep an eye on Micheal Weston.And if you like anime, check out JunjouRomantica.

Anybody got any fandoms/stories to rec ? I'll take slash and gen

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I will not go looking for Ironman/Capitan American slash 
I will not go looking for Ironman/Capitan American slash
I will not go looking for Ironman/Capitan American slash
I will not go looking for Ironman/Capitan American slash
I will not go looking for Ironman/Capitan American slash
I will not go looking for Ironman/Capitan American slash

So.... anybody got any recs ?

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 Let's celebrate the bravery of living.

Tell me how you became a slasher.

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I am out of the worst. I got the Xray done that confirmed I got a little bout of pneumonia and spent most of last week on an haze. Still got wobbly legs, an annoying cough and I sleep an insane amount of hours, but the antibiotic and cough syrup are doing their job. 
I do even have some hopes that tomorrow afternoon I will be left out alone the time required to buy T-Rex a Xmas present. I already got her something but she knows about that and she went and got everybody little things to open under the tree so I want to get her something too. *grins* She loves NCIS Abby look so I may get her some goth style jewelry... *evil grin* a spiked dog collar maybe?

A special shout goes out to all those who pounced me, e-mailed me and loved me while delirious. I love you all.

On other news... while delirious I discovered the joys of Supernatural RPS. 
I do still think that the show is nothing special, nothing that has not been done before. 
Except for Dean & Sam or Jared & Jensen take your pick. These two have great on screen chemistry the kind that makes fangirls hearts flutter...
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I know I do have a lot of people to thank for rescuing my birthday and making me feel loved and special, but I am still recovering from the real life side of I thought I would write a bit about the state of my fandoms: 


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