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 I confess, yesterday I forgot my daily appointment. But here I am ready to start again (or better, carry on, considering yesterday a bad day).

Yesterday it was a good day,. I finished cleaning the house, went for a walk and an icecream (a mega icecream I must confess) with a friend, and I got home so, so tired, that I went to bed early.

Today it's better. I worked this morning and made a big shopping (expensive, but I have food for a long time and I don't need to go shopping, not even near to a shop for a while), then got home and did some laundry. If the weather keeps being like this, laundry will soon be easy. It's finally being a proper summer weather

I don't feel tired like yesterday. Cconsidering that i have 2 more days of mornings this week and three days of no napping next week, including one day of very early morning, when I have to do some urine tests, it's promising. I love my morning naps, but they always leave me unsatisfied. I go to bed happy, I awake sad and it takes a bit of good work to cheer me up again. But I haven't got the strenght to start my battle against morning naps again.  I'd rather work on my eating habits. Once I get healthier It will probably be easier.
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 My date texted me last night at midnight to wish me goodnight. Another reason why he's never gonna get a second date.

I had a week of intrinsec boredomI worked Monday and tuesday and then I am home till next monday. Luckily I had [personal profile] cleo69 and [ profile] chef_hector keeping me compnay. And friday I had my weekly date with my 83 old neighbour. Going shopping with me is the highlight of his week.

But this afternoon I went for a walk and to meet a friend. She's getting married in september and she is getting everything ready. Strangely enough I didn't have any problem in discussing wedding things with her. Usually I hate weddingsand everything related. Maybe with age I have mellowed.

Tomorrow I am having lunch with another friend and monday I work and have errands to run. So I am feeling better. I had a shower, the sun is shining and my diet keeps working. (I have now lost nearly 10kg.)

Oh and there's a good chance that the horses will not strike.

I think I will sleep better tonight..


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