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Yesterday I had a wonderful day.

I started with a big breakfast of eggs and bacon and hot sauce.

Watched Once upon a time and chatted all morning with Jake and Joey.

Then I ate cake and watched Law & Order all day. I received a good number of messages, and that cheered me up and made me feel loved.

Then got out with my friends. We had a great evening, we laughed ourself silly. They got me a vibrator, because I keep joking that a vibrator's a woman's best friend. I didn't get the Hello Kitty vibrator, but a bright pink one with swarowskys

You can only guess the jokes. I went to bed and had a great night of sleep. My film like dreams are back to be funny, not scary.

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Thank you! Rhank you! Thank you! I got your letter sitting in front of me...and I am being a good Ody and waiting for Min's before opening it...


Love ya
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Ok. The 26th of this month is Ody and mine Birthday.

This is our joint wish list. 

1) Hector and Odysseus (Eric Bana & Sean Bean) wallpapers and icons. These can be as naughty as you can dream of.
2) Hector and Odysseus fics. With a twist: I want fics describing how an outsider sees them as a couple.
3) Spangel and/or Spiley fics. The ideal will be a Riley vampire sandwich... you pick, but no angst
4) Lost: I am easy: I'll take Jack, Sayid and Sawyer in any combination of the three. Just don't mention Kate.
5) My latest obsession: Criminal Minds Aaron Hootchner. Slash it with anybody just not with Reid. 
6) Numb3rs. Don Eppes slashed with anybody, but Coop. Extra points if the anybody is Ian Edgerton.
7) Council!Crack fics. The world needs more of those. Or I will have to write the Ody has an indepth Sophoclean conversation with his goat Ajax fic, and believe me, the world is not ready for goat reincarnation.
8) Mag 7: Chris/Back/Vin in any possible combination of the three. 

That's it... it looks to me as if we are being pretty reasonable aren't we? *Angelic look*[Bad username or unknown identity: ]


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