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 Yay! I finally can write again on DW. Writing on lj hasn't got the same meaning for me. With DW I feel more sure, more at home.

Tonight I meet my new love. His name is Bruno,has a soft black fur and he's a kitten. After resisting that long without a cat, loneliness had the better of me and when a friend offered, I said yes.

The best thing is that finally I have cleaned all the house with a cat friendly product, included the left overs of last week gastroenteritis.

Thank goddess my auntie does all my washing.

What else! Oh I am on vacation. After the first 2 days of rushing around, today I have finally slowed down, watched the first 3 episodes of the Tudors, decided to finally go to bed to read the Mallorean (it arrived today, I still have one missing, but it's the first one so I can know how the story ends) and feel asleep.

That's more or less my plan for the next week. Walk in the morning, then cuddles and reading with the cat. I even shopped for the week.

(Good because I don't have money, the end of the month is looming)

And now I think I'll go back to bed for another nap..



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