Oct. 25th, 2014

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 I will be in love with my cat, broke, in a workplace that should be safe for the next two years, but it's really constantly on the verge of bankrupt, with a messy house and a father starting to show his age, and I am happy.

It may be the three coffees that I had today, or simply the fact that I feel loved, but I am happy. The problems will get solved, I just need to pick up a broom and clean the house, even if I like the beachlike quality of my bathroom floor inundated by the sand that you put in the litter boxes (clean, he likes it clean my cat, today he called me till I went and took away his more recent gift from the litterbox because it was bothering his delicate nose)

I'll find a job I like, maybe translating. Maybe I'll become the next Fernanda Pivano. Or maybe I'll write that novel about daughters and fathers that I have always had in me. Maybe I'll start work on that website for people with mental health problem were they can express themselves without families and their doctors watching over their shoulders. I love that people take care of me but I'd like to do something for my brethen.

I don't feel old, I feel at the beginning of a new life. So happy birthday to me and let's start this new life.



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