Apr. 15th, 2014

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 Another date, with somebody who talks about my "sex appeal" I tried to make him understand that I am not interested in nothing more than an ice cream (that I am not going to eat, because I gave up sweets for lent and I don't want to give up just when the end line is in sight. This morning I bought an Easter Cake to be my dinner for Easter Sunday) and an afternoon speaking English. 

He's an English teacher, so he speaks a good English and he can help me with my pronunciation, my biggest problem because I rarely speak English. I read and write it regularly, but I don't speak it enough.

The big question is: I am not interested, so why I am unable to say no. B. buldozed me into going out with him, but I could have said no very easily. A simple: I never go out with customers would have been enough. Well, maybe not enough, because he would have kept asking, but It would have protected me.

So. I am weak and I don't know how to say no. I am just a bit worried that he will not keep his hands to himself, but that's why we are going to stay in a very public space.


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